Business Disputes

General Overview

Business DisputesWe all know that some of the most difficult, emotional disputes can arise when the owners of a closely-held corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP), limited partnership or limited liability limited partnership (LLLP) part ways.  These business disputes between the owners of a closely-held entity can arise at formation, or during operations, or when one or more of the owners desire to leave or exit the entity.  Business disputes of this kind may also arise in estate and trust administration when there is a family business involved.  These disputes may also arise in a family law or divorce setting as well, between husband and wife or other family members.

In many of these disputes, client representation needs to be handled by legal practitioners who can combine the necessary tax and business entity expertise to assist the owners in working through these issues.  The Tufts Law Firm aims to provide an owner with the expertise he or she or it may need to work through the issues that can arise in a business dispute of this kind.