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aWe all know that some of the most difficult, emotional disputes arise when the owners in a closely-held corporation, LLC, partnership, LLP, limited partnership, or LLLP part ways. So, too, can this be said of disputes arising in estate and trust administration when a family business is involved.

We have been astonished to find that in many of these disputes, client representation is handled by practitioners who do not have the highly specialized kind of tax and entity expertise to properly advise the owners or beneficiaries or heirs.

We now offer the type of highly specialized tax and entity expertise that is needed in these type of disputes. In addition, we offer a special program ( Partners in Peril ) dedicated to those shareholders, partners or members who are faced with problems created by the issuance of an erroneous K-1 or have a desire to better understand what is stated in their partnership or operating agreement and whether further tests and analysis is believed to be warranted. If you are in a business divorce or estate or trust dispute and find that you have a need for our tax and entity expertise, please contact us.

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