Estate & Probate

Estate and Probate Disputes

We all know that some of the most difficult, emotional disputes can arise when loved ones pass away, leaving it to the rest of the family and the heirs to attend to the estate that has been left behind.  While deliberate and careful estate planning can go a long way to mitigate against estate and probate disputes, one cannot plan for every contingency.  Mr. Tufts is able to advise beneficiaries, heirs, as well as the selected fiduciary, in situations in which disputes arise, especially when the estate is attempting to deal with a decedent’s interest in a closely-held corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP), limited partnership or limited liability limited partnership (LLLP).  Tax issues can arise, pertaining to Federal income tax issues for an estate or trust, an audit or review of IRS Form 1041, or as to Federal estate tax return issues (IRS Form 706), an estate tax audit, or gift tax exemptions or liabilities (IRS Form 709), a gift tax audit, or even those pertaining to the generation-skipping transfer tax.  FLPs may still be challenged, when "bad facts" are present. 

If you have a probate or estate dispute arise and wish to consult with us, please contact us.