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Abusive Tax SheltersIn our Abusive Tax Shelters--Detection and Analysis practice area, we strive to be of immediate service to those individuals or entities who are struggling in their efforts to evaluate whether they are faced with legitimate tax-savings planning opportunity or something that is potentially abusive (i.e., too good to be true), or worse, find themselves to have been victimized by an abusive tax shelter.

After over a decade of practical experience in large firm practice, Mr. Tufts assists taxpayers in their efforts to identify potentially abusive tax shelters that have flooded the market in recent years.

If you are interested in having an analysis performed of a particular transaction or in implementing a system in a firm that might assist in the detection of potentially abusive tax shelters, Mr. Tufts is ready to be of assistance to you. Also, if a taxpayer (individual or corporation or other entity) suspects that he, she, or it may have been victimized by a tax scam or abusive tax shelter scheme, or is some transaction seems to have created tax benefits which appear to be too good to be true, we can assist that taxpayer in evaluating their duties under the Federal tax law, and if necessary, further represent the taxpayer before the IRS.

We also assists victims of abusive tax shelters and tax scams in evaluating any and all of their legal options with regard to promoters and others involved in the dissemination and distribution of these shelters, and in such cases, may refer the matter to another lawyer or law firm specializing in the bringing of such claims.

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